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Due to unusually deep frost this year, we are experiencing serious issues with water laterals freezing.  Once frozen, they are extremely difficult to thaw because they are under ground.

  • City of Wautoma Water Utility customers must run their water at pencil thickness 24/7 until further notice.
  • If you notice your water pressure dropping, run your water hard for a minimum of five minutes to try dislodging any ice that may be forming in the pipes.
  • The City will adjust users’ water/sewer bills so they won’t have to pay for their extra usage.
  • We will notify users on their water/ sewer bill when it’s safe to turn your water off.
  • Please call 920-787-4044 if your pipes freeze or with questions.  Should pipes freeze during non-business hours, please call the Sheriff’s Department non-emergency number 920-787-3321.

The City of Wautoma thanks you for your cooperation.